Villa Zlatnice in Prague

Location Prague 6, Czech Republic
Realisation Year 2011 - 2014
Project Year 2011
Project Area 460 sqm
Photographer Filip Šlapal
Authors Radek Jaroušek
  Magdalena Rochová
Cooperation Landscape architect ing Martina Forejtová - Land05
  Radek Brandejs
  Techorg s.r.o

Reconstruction of functionalism house.

Story of the house, designed by architect Oldřich Starý for the chief council of the Ministry of Railways in 1929, copies the post-war destiny of our country in the following years. The villa was taken from the owners after year 1948 and was divided into several small apartments. From the condition of the house before our reconstruction it was not clear when each interior interventions where made. The original interiors have been preserved very little, but the villa from outside has been preserved in the same way. The house was uninhabited for almost 30 years.We did not want to intervene original exterior look of the villa, we felt respect to the design of architect Oldřich Starý. We have made few minor changes on the facade and surrounding area, due to contemoporary needs. We moved the main entrance to the position where the original garage was. New larger garage was built next to the house and was hidden into the terrain of the garden. On the garden facade was made one new window, other windows were preserved in same sizes and positions. Windows, glass areas and views through the house were one of the main themes of the reconstruction. The original vertically sliding windows were similar to the train windows probably due to the occupation of the first owner of the villa. All windows had originally very thin frames. It was very important for us to preserve thin frames when exchanging for new windows.After a long search we found in three places in Europe the manufacturers who were able to supply very thin frame of vertically sliding windows, horizontally sliding windows and solid glass glazing. It was important for us to work also with ornamental glass that was originally used. The sculptural staircase intersects the entire house vertically. In the original laundry and drying room on the roof was designed "master bedroom" with bathroom, terrace and an incredible view on Prague Castle. 

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