Villa Soukopova in Brno

Location Soukopova, Brno, Czech Republic
Realisation Year 2001 - 2002
Project Year 2001
Project Area 210 sqm
Photographer Filip Šlapal, Andrea Lhotáková, Vít Mádr

Reconstruction, extension and interior of the vila from year 1930. The aim of the design was to maximally connect the upper floor interior with the exterior (views of the countryside and city) in contrast with the enclosed lower floor. We opened up, illuminated and enlarged the usability of the upper floor space with the use of continuous glazed dormer windows. The mass of the street facing dormer window complements the mass of the house, highlighting the importance of the corner of the building and repeats this in the continuing dormer windows. On the garden facing side, part of the roof overlapping the mass of the house has been removed and a terrace created. The continuing dormer window into the garden respects the height of the neighbouring house. The effect of the sliding shade grills outdented in front of the dormer windows is important for the external ever-changing face of the house and also for the functional shading of the interior environment.

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