Villa Helfertova in Brno

Location Helfertova, Brno, Czech Republic
Realisation Year 2004 - 2005
Project Year 2003 - 2004
Project Area 350 sqm
Photographer Filip Šlapal

Reconstruction, extension and interior of Art Nouveau vila.

Vila is located on corner site in Brno - Černá Pole. In reconstructed parts we strived to return to the original, we wanted to keep the secession character,and on the other hand in new extension parts we strived to differentiate from the original building. The Art Nouveau facade is decorated with many elements, they were renovated togehter with original windows, main doors and winter garden. We have designed the main proportion adaptation in section faced to the inner garden. In this roof part was build glass dormer window, the proportion of dormer reassume on jut part of the house and forms clear continued proportion. The new extension should be abstract in relation to the Art Nouveau fasade, that´s why are windows hidden by the fixed copper sun-blinds and whole expression is integrated. Interior space is thanks to the dormer extension enlarged and opens to the inner garden. Flat on the first floor We pureged of the whole layout of the floor, we unhided and rebuild original doors and windows opening We connected more individual spaces of the flat. Living space and kitchen with dining space could be develop from demolition of partition and new cealing. The entrance hall is determineted by two stuctural innerwalls, there are junctions to ech of flat spaces – living room, bedroom, bathroom, cloak-room and WC. We want the new patrs to be able communicate with the extant secession elements. Flat on the second floor The upper floor use the original roof shape, inner space is defined by difussion of many slopy roof directions. We want to keep the integrity of the secession roof part oriented to the street. In this parts are set strip skylights The interior space is opened into the inner garden by glass dormer window. The space is divided on entrance hall with junction to the childern room, cloak-room, bathroom and WC. An observatory with a glass railing anchored in steel holdfasts has been inserted into the top of the roof, the glass floor of this space illumines entrance hall. The main space is defined on one side by many directions of slopy roof and on the other side by glass dormer window.

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