House by the Park

Location Prague 6
Realisation Year 2022
Project Year 2018-2020
Project Area 303 sqm
Photographer Filip Šlapal

Magdalena Rochová


Radek Jaroušek

Lenka Mandelová
Lnadscape Architecture
Martina Forejtová - Land05

The site is located on the edge of the residential area facing the park. The plot is situated at the bottom of the hill - the front part of the plot is flat and the back part descends on a fairly steep slope. We have built the house into the slope from the rear and one side, and opened it up to the garden and park due to the terrain. The house was partly created by recycling the supporting structures of the previous house, which was not appropriately sited on the site, its architecture and layout were complicated and did not work. We didn't want to demolish the prevoius house completely, we wanted to be sustainable and use some of its supporting structures. We designed a completely new house and integrated recycled parts of the previous supporting structures into our proposal.

We oriented the main facades of the house to the south, facing the park and garden with beautiful views from both floors into the greenery. We designed a rectangular ground floor mass, which we sat to the street line and created a clear connection to the street. We inserted an outdoor patio with a tree in the central part of the house to lighten it up. On the ground floor part the mass of the first floor is set, to the garden is cantilevered, while towards the street set backwards behind the atrium. The green roof with trees intimates views to the street. We have created clear views and vistas through the house to the greenery of its garden, the atrium and the surrounding park. From central point with the atrium there are entrances to the living area with kitchen and dining room and to the staircase to the first floor. On the first floor there are bedrooms, study and bathrooms. The house opens to the garden on both floors through glazing with subtle frames.

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